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A Fully Decentralized Sail to Earn GameFi
🚨Our official website is (we are using .io)
MetaBays is the first Sail-to-Earn on BSC that let players play as Pirates on Ships to go on $GEM hunts for our 4 in-game $GEMs tokens or rob from other players in PVP battles. $GEMs tokens are ERC-721 cryptocurrencies with real values.


$ARRRR is a governance token which can be bought on DEX, or rewarded via staking.
Before the launch of the game, $ARRRR can be initially obtained through private and public sale, or via DEX after the public sale.
$GEMs Tokens - $sGEM, $wGEM, $fGEM, $eGEM
$GEMs tokens are 4 in-game currencies that are earned via playing the game in the form of $GEM Hunts, Robbing, and Lending Pirates and Ships.
The 4 $GEMs tokens each represents one of the four basic elements - sea, wind, fire, and air. Together, $sGEM (Gem of Sea), $wGEM (Gem of Wind), $fGEM (Gem of Fire), $eGEM (Gem of Earth), are the highly sought after treasures in MetaBays.
$GEMs tokens can be earned through gameplay, or bought via DEX.
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